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PPC Services India | Pay Per Click Account Management Services India |

Pay Per Click Account Management Services

Thinking your money spent for advertising is wasted in any way? You would not think that if you are hiring a very good Pay Per Click bid management service like Ours! We at CompetentSEO adopt approach to Pay Per Click bid management that is research-based.

Pay Per Click advertising has now become a means of Internet marketing by many because all major form of search engines use some form of pay per click listings. Since Google, Yahoo, Bing Pay Per Click programs have total reach and excellent Return on Investment, most expert Internet marketers choose them. Here you can choose target keywords or keyword phrases, each keyword can have modified titles and descriptions to reflect in the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing & other search partners as advertisements. The costs in Pay Per Click advertising is performance based and the payment in Pay Per Click is on a per click basis and you would pay only for the people who click through your website.
At CompetentSEO we have our expert PPC specialists and PPC account Managers who constantly communicate and implement the PPC stratergies with in the client's budget to get maximum return on investment, As on date all of our Pay per click client accounts are performing really great and generating the best ROI for our clients. We have Google Certified PPC Account Managers, Yahoo Search Marketing Certified Specialists and Microsoft Adcenter Certified Professionals in our PPC team who can guide you in every step to ensure that you always get the best Return on Investment.

Our affordable & effective PPC management service is based on knowledge, expertise and advice; gained from experience.
Which we have achieved by successfully managing PPC campaigns for number of our clients. Our dedicated paid search marketing team would manage the entire process manually, following the appropriate guidelines & our proven methodology.

Our PPC Campaign Management is more focused and result oriented as we believe every penny that a client spends on PPC should bring atleast 10 times more business for him. Below are the various factors based on which our PPC experts work to meet the goal.

•    Effective Strategy - we always believe that "Well begun is half done"
We plan & develop competent strategies & methodologies for each PPC campaign after carrying out in-depth research and analysis, into the clients' business domain.
•    Continuous Keyword Research
In a PPC Campaign Keywords are the advertiser's window into the customer's mind. Paid search advertising thrives on proper choice of most effective keywords.
•    Prudent Bid Management
Keyword bidding is not about bidding high, but bidding effectively and bidding right. A regular review of the bids helps us to check the marketing spend and act accordingly.
•    Cogent Ad Text Creation
Creating an eye catching Ad text to facilitate a click, in a limited space available is crucial in making an impression. Our world class creative team helps achieve that.
•    Effective Landing Page
We provide assistance in developing an effective landing page with 'Call to Action' features, to ensure that visitors perform the desired action.
•    Analysis
Continuous analysis of key performance metrics, helps in understanding the efficacy of PPC campaign and helps to deliver positive ROI.

•    Manual PPC Campaign Management
The entire PPC Management Process is carried out manually, so whether it is keyword research or bid management, all of it is done manually and regularly.
•    Research and Analysis
An in-depth website and competitor analysis coupled with detailed research on keyword gradient initiates our PPC process.
•    Selection and Design
Based on these findings, the keywords are selected to capture the target audience. The design stage involves creation of attractive Ad text for high click-through- rate (CTR), and designing of an effective landing page that helps to boost the conversion ratio.
•    Implementation
This stage involves implementation of keyword bid strategy wherein bids are placed for the selected keywords. It also involves continuous bid monitoring and review of the selected keywords.
•    Monitoring and Tracking
Analytic tools are used to monitor and track the performance of key campaign metrics at micro as well as macro level.
•    Periodic Reporting
The key performance indicators (KPI) for the campaign are periodically compiled into a report and sent to the client for their reference.
•    Testing and Continuous Refinement
We do A/B (split) testing and multivariate testing along with proprietary testing tools to constantly refine the campaign, thus ensuring maximum return on  investment for our clients.

•     Deliverables
•    Competition analysis.
•    Manual keyword research based on the Online marketing objectives.
•    Identification and selection of the most appropriate Search Engines from the available 300 Search Engines.
•    Creation of an effective landing page.
•    Development of an enticing Ad text.
•    Continuous review of the campaign employing multivariate testing and trend analysis.
•    Regular bid optimization and keyword research.
•    ROI mapping.
•    Periodic reporting
•    Dedicated Account Manager.
•    Click fraud management.

Stand right where the traffic can see you
Get direct access to Google with our PPC campaigns!
Pay Per Click

Do I really need a PPC Expert?
If you truly aren't willing to put in the time to manage & optimize ad campaigns, then yes. We offer you complete transparency on your campaigns so that you can measure success & ROI.

After Google introduced the concept of "Google Adwords"; internet marketing changed its face forever. Thereafter new terminology "Pay Per Click advertising" has been ruling the world of Internet.

And why it should not?
Pay per click has been the most effective and smartest way to reach to the customers and business with them. After the inception of this concept, all of the major search engines like Yahoo Sponsored Search and many more started offering PPC or pay per click advertising along with natural SERPs.

The best thing about Pay per advertising is that this is a performance based service that intends that you have to pay only for the clicks you are going to receive!

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Pay Per Click Advertising
When you need "Pay Per Click Advertising"?
•    If you don't want to wait for natural search engine rankings for promotion
•    Want to get to the masses / potential customers with the first glance.
•    Analyze the response and feedback of your visitors to your new products / services
•    Get Fast Results from a specified group of audience or say target customers.
•    Want Swift and the most effective way for endorsing your brand.
•    Need Automatic optimization that helps your business

What CompetentSEO can make difference with PPC?
•    We add researched keywords (relevant and sensible) that will genuinely endorse your brand.
•    We provide you the most convincing ad groups, ad campaigns and marketing to enhance the conversion ratio and clicks quantity.
•    Get the best ad group management along with in-depth research and result analysis.
•    Customized advertising which includes freedom to select location and advertise accordingly your budget.
•    Get the most intellect advertising based on deep study of market trends and customers' psyches.
•    We are highly experienced in PPC and Search Engine Marketing and no one else better understand Search Engine Algorithm than us.

At CompetentSEO we are pledged to give you the maximum results with the minimum risks. In addition, we ensure you to serve the best paid advertising and marketing (wherever you wish that is local or global) to enhance your business to new dimensions.

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